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Data quality requires smart data management

We aggregate, validate, refine and link pertinent data sources to enable a transparent 360-degree view of all relevant informational dimensions for our clients' global investment decisions – from individual transactions to entire investment portfolios.

A perfect fit in our clients' ecosystems: Data-based solutions from IDS

Global or local? Short-term or long-term? Asset or investment management? No matter the perspective: IDS perfectly integrates Golden Source quality-assured data, analytics and reporting solutions into our clients' ecosystems.

Data Pooling

All data is aggregated in ONE dataset: We cover this basic need for virtually all financial instruments. Our Golden Source data management approach is the foundation of our service spectrum and offers our clients greater flexibility in the further processing of their data. We manage data interfacing to raw data providers and can trace each data point back to its source, solving quality issues through validation and refinement. We manage portfolio hierarchies and look-through as part of our core business.

Regulation / Risk Accounting

Our clients have complex needs: IFRS, Solvency, risk models and other requirements must be observed simultaneously. We perform the pre-processing and transfer the desired data slice into the required target format. When developing solutions for external reporting, we accompany our clients from the outset. Regulatory reporting is a mainstay of our expertise.


Investors are as interested as asset managers in ensuring investment success, so it is essential to master analysis from both the SAA and the TAA perspective and to summarize the results in different aggregation trees. When both views come from the same source, it's the results that get noticed – with no questions about data comparability.

alpha, beta, data.

Value creation at IDS

Inspired. Dedicated. Smart. That's how we unleash the power of data!

Agile design. Easy to use. Seamless interaction.

IDS stands for a solution and service-oriented approach that builds confidence among our clients:

  • Inspired by the close exchange with our customers, we work with agile methods for short development times and maximum data quality.
  • We are dedicated to solving our customers' challenges, backed by decades of know-how and the highest standards of consulting and service quality.
  • We integrate our services smartly and seamlessly into our customers' processes and architecture, relying on easily accessible applications that are available globally, at any time.

IDS – Inspired. Dedicated. Smart. That’s how we unleash the power of data!

  • Inspiring: Moving faster from idea to solution

    At IDS, we extract ideas from technology and market trends and translate them into solutions for investment professionals.

    To this end, data scientists, business analysts, automation and AI experts at IDS work closely with our clients. In dedicated development environments (sandboxes), separated from productive processes, new products and services, models and algorithms can be developed and tested via simulation models. This agile approach creates new system components – but also business models for simple, secure and cost-effective data access.

  • Dedicated: Going the extra mile for client success

    As a development partner and data management service provider, IDS takes responsibility for trouble-free processes, seamless interaction and best data quality.

    We deliver a high level of adaptability by ensuring simple and fast client access to our interlinked service offerings. The overriding goal of our agile process management is to solve our clients' individual and complex challenges in dealing with their data. Through the modular structure of our services, as well as our deep expertise, we ensure that they fully exploit the potential of their data.

  • Smart: Seamless integration into the ecosystem of our clients

    IDS offers complete data production and logistics from the data source to operational use in the client's architecture.

    How does the client maintain access to data as easily as possible? For access to all relevant data, IDS provides complete data production and logistics from data source to consumption - fitted into client architecture.

Facts and Figures


Since 2001, IDS has been a strategic data management partner for asset and investment managers, insurance companies and banks. Started as a spin-off from Allianz SE, IDS today provides services across virtually all asset classes.

20+ years

of expertise in financial industries

Investment expertise: IDS knows the buy side perspective from more than 20 years of experience. For new and upcoming requirements, whether market-driven or regulatory-driven, we develop best-in-class solutions and integrate them into our in-house, scalable platform.

40 countries

where we serve clients

Anytime, anywhere: IDS serves customers around the world, and our service platform receives data at any time from more than 700 sources, processes it continuously and provides the results on time – in local time, anywhere in the world.


employees from 40+ nations

Global team: Behind the development and operation of our service platform are more than 300 employees from more than 40 nations – data and business analysts, data engineers and developers.


data vendors

Versatile data sources: We enrich your investment data – with investment master data, company data, ratings, sectors, prices, yield curves and much more. We can draw on a broad spectrum of sources and support different licensing models. We can also generate certain information ourselves as needed.

EUR 4000 bn

in assets under reporting

High performance: We process the investment data of global asset managers and asset owners using a high-performance IT infrastructure based on Oracle Exadata technology. This means that our services can be flexibly adapted to the needs of our clients at any time.



Scalable platform: In total, more than 30 thousand portfolios comprising at least 400 different instrument types and over EUR 4 trillion in assets under reporting are mapped via IDS platforms and services.


instrument types covered

Comprehensive and flexible: Our services cover all common financial products - including real investments (infrastructure and real estate) – no matter which investment vehicle. We provide services for UCITS funds, AIFs, direct investments, overlay portfolios, funds of funds and everything with fund look-through requirements.


subsidiary of Allianz

Strong setup: IDS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allianz SE, one of the leading financial services providers worldwide. We are a reliable partner for customers inside and outside of Allianz Group, and we are committed to client proximity in Europe, Asia and North America.

Data Security


Any company like IDS that makes more than 230 million data points available every day across multiple platforms must maintain the highest standards of data security and governance.

Our information security management system and the processes for ensuring information security are certified to the recognized ISO 27001 standard and are audited annually by independent auditors.

IDS keeps client information safe and secure

  • Governance and Organization

    Ensures integration of the information security management system into IDS' processes with sufficient resources and a commitment to continual improvement.

  • Access Control

    Ensures authorized user access and prevents unauthorized access to systems and services by utilizing industry best practices for identity and access management.

  • Physical and Environmental Security

    Prevents unauthorized physical access, damage to or interference with customer data and information processing facilities as well as reducing risks from environmental threats and hazards.

  • Supplier Management

    Ensures customer data security when utilizing external suppliers, maintaining a high level of security and service as well as regularly monitoring and review of supplier security compliance.

  • Awareness and Human Resources Security

    Ensures employees are aware of current cyber risks and understand their responsibilities in the context of information security. Regular interactive security awareness measures ensure constant exposure to current threats and risks.

  • System Development and Maintenance

    Ensures information security as an integral component across the entire lifecycle of all IDS system development and maintenance processes. This includes regular external reviews as well as pre-defined quality gates ensuring a consistently high level of information security control.

  • Incident Management

    Ensures a consistent and effective approach for managing information security incidents, events and weaknesses. All IDS IT assets are monitored 24/7 by a dedicated Security Operations Center ensuring early detection and effective handling of cyber risks.


Starting from a small innovative start-up, IDS has developed to an experienced service provider that realizes the full potential of your data – worldwide, agile and reliable.
    Since 2020

    Driving the future


    Standardized processes - innovative solutions


    Broader customer base - expanded platform


    Managed services for every investment horizon


    Founding years: From the idea to the company

IDS Management Team


IDS GmbH – Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS) unlocks the value of data for the global investment industry: We validate, refine and link data from a wide variety of sources and make it available for mission-critical processes covering all investment strategies and products – instantly, worldwide and at any time.

Fund management companies, insurance companies, banks and pension funds can use IDS to access a flexibly scalable data platform, complete with all necessary analyses and reports in the desired format. Our clients focus on their investment goals and we provide them with the data and information they need to achieve them – more than 300 employees from 40+ nations are committed to providing full innovative power and service quality every day. As a 100% subsidiary of Allianz SE, IDS has stood for stability, reliability and certified security in the handling of our clients' data since 2001.

Dr. Christoph Plein
Dr. Christoph Plein

Dr. Christoph Plein, Chairman of the Management Board

"Realizing the full potential of data requires three things: strong expertise, strong platform, strong services."

Dr. Wolfgang Dietl, Member of the Management Board

"Data is the lifeblood of professional investment solutions - for every investment horizon."

Holger Haun, Member of the Management Board

"Seamless integration of data streams into investment processes is the key competitive advantage in asset and investment management."

Dr. Florina Nicolae, Member of the Management Board

"Harnessing the power of data to create innovative solutions needs a smart strategy. From ideas to products our solution enables the transition to sustainable economy."

Dr. Ulrich Raber, Member of the Management Board

"Making aggregated and refined data available in daily operations is the core requirement of integrated data management."

Dr. Catharina Schauer, Member of the Management Board

"Through intelligent data management, we create sustainable value for our clients."

  • IDS supports asset managers and owners in refining, structuring and packaging data from various sources around the globe. To provide our clients with the collective data intelligence needed for day-to-day investment decisions and reporting, we create a consolidated, automated data lake of custom-fit encoded data ready for operational use.